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How We Roll

Some Of Our Key Services Provided By Emac USA are...

  • Business consulting in the consumer products industry such as golf products industry.
  • Business management related to product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of products for others.
  • Product development
  • Reseller services for distribution of goods in the consumer products industry such as golf products

We Listen to Market & Consumer Trends

It’s one thing to develop products that work, yet it’s quite another to develop products that people can use, and they work. We’re not shy about developing multiple prototypes. Sometimes you have to in order to optimize a design and make sure it’s going to perform to the highest expectations.

To develop a product correctly you should be very familiar with the field you’re developing the product in. We understand this and stay within our field of expertise. However, we know the consumer is clear on what he wants and won’t be fooled by imitations or slick advertising.

questions for the consumer

We Ask Questions to "Get it Right"

Asking questions is an important part of developing a product. You can’t design within a bubble. You also can’t rely on your mom to give you honest feedback and your mom usually isn’t an expert in the field you’re developing a product in…usually.

Henry Ford once said, “If I asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.” We understand this statement. We know that you have to listen to people as to what they need but you also have to be innovative and forward thinking. You can’t wait for all the answers to come to you. You have to anticipate the needs of the professional and produce a product that works.

We Optimize Design Features

To optimize a design usually means to build it within stress limits that will allow it function as it was designed, without going overboard. We usually go overboard. We’re not interested in products that are built so flimsy that failure is an expected bi-product of use. Everything has a failure point but we try to make our products stronger than expected and well, a little “abuse proof.”

With multiple prototypes we’re able to distinguish between optimal functioning and part failure. Sometimes a design can look great, function great, but not stand up to the abuse it’s sure to see in the environment it’s expected to perform in. We take all this into consideration when developing our products and you should expect nothing less.

optimizing design features
searching for new ideas

. . . And We're Always Looking Forward to New Ideas, New Concepts, New Products!

We develop different types of products in different fields of expertise. That’s why we’re also in the process of developing products for pets. The medical needs of a pet are a reality that can’t be ignored. We’re developing products that will ease the discomfort level of sick pets and allow the pet owner to better assist their pet in recovery. Do we sound ambiguous? We have to be in the R&D stage. Check back often to see what we’ve come up with next.

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