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Our Mission at EMAC

Our unique business management skills allow us to find the right ideas to bring to life. Emac’s team of professionals has one goal in mind, find a need and fill it. Our product development team has the ability to quickly see how a product should come together from using 3d CAD designing, to prototyping then off to manufacturing for mass production. We have a wide variety of consumer products which includes several unique golf products that can be purchased online. If you have a retail store and would like to carry our unique line of products send us an email and get set up today.

Ideas Central

Do you have a great idea but don’t know where to start? The very first thing you should know is that If you're looking for an invention service provider to work with your idea, make sure you are not lured by the sweet-talking guarantees of a dishonest invention company. Attempting to submit an invention or new product idea to the industry is a high-risk endeavor, but unfortunately, there are a number of fraudulent service providers who will tell you otherwise. Whatever you do, DON’T pays upfront fees because you could find yourself holding the bag, an empty bag that is.

So how and where do I start the process? How do I make drawings? What about Prototypes? Who do I get to design and make the mold? What about naming the product, packaging, branding, and marketing? Who’s going to manufacture it for me? Then there’s the most important question you need to ask, where or whom am I going to sell it to? All these questions can be a painstakingly confusing endeavor to undertake.

This whole process can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars depending how detailed your idea is. The plastic injection molds can cost upwards of $30,000 to over a half a million dollars depending on how difficult your product is to make. At Emac we have right people that do CAD design drawings, prototyping, design and mold making at a fraction of the price that mold makers charge. We will handle the manufacturing and logistics again at a fraction of the price quoted by other manufactures.

Straight talk is our motto here at Emac. We’ll tell it to you straight whether you want to hear it or not, and we will NEVER collect any upfront fees from you EVER, unless it’s negotiated upfront. So if you have an idea drop us a line and remember, a great idea is only as good as the action you place behind it!!

Emac USA, Bringing ideas to life!!

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