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TEBO(™) Tablet Series

The TEBO(™) Tablet Caddy

The TEBO(™) Tablet Caddy secures to your golf cart with a simple twist of a knob. It allows for approximately 180 degrees of articulation to face inside, or outside the golf cart by twisting the small knob at the pivot point at the top. This way, the caddy can be used inside the cart while driving, or outside while standing. Either way, your GPS will be accessible at all times. This caddy can also be used to record your swing! If you need to hold the caddy in place while driving, simply push the caddy back until the magnet contacts the mounting tube. To release it again, simply give a slight pull.

TEBO(™) Smartphone Series

The TEBO(™) Smartphone Caddy

This is the TEBO(™) Smartphone Caddy. This product secures quickly and easily to the tubing of your golf cart. Your smartphone just snaps on to the face of the product using magnets and releases just as easily. The caddy will pivot left to right approximately 180 degrees and tip down as well. This product works great for GPS viewing inside or outside your cart. You can also record your swing using your smartphone mounted on the caddy!

TEBO(™) Club Caddy

The TEBO(™) Club Caddy

This is the TEBO(™) Club Caddy Series. If you've ever lost a club by simply setting it down and getting distracted, worry no more. We created this product to save your club while giving you easy access after putting or chipping. Your club easily snaps on to the caddy and is held securely at your waist.

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