TEBO® Club Caddy Series

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My Story by Humphrey E. Wesenhagen – Inventor

My friends and I were playing a great round of golf that lead us pretty close to the greens. As I got out of my golf cart I grabbed two clubs, my expensive pitching wedge and putter. I walked up to my ball and laid my putter down to chip the ball up on to the greens. Then I picked up my putter and laid my pitching wedge down to putt my ball in to the hole. As I was waiting for my friends to finish with the laughter and chatting that usually takes place, I forgot to pick up my expensive pitching wedge. When I discovered that it was missing, I went back to look for it only to realize that I would NEVER see it again. At that point, I looked at my friends and said, “I will invent something to make sure this never happens again!” I went home and started sketching my ideas and it was that day the TEBO® Club Caddy was born.


The reason golfers lose their clubs is they lay them down and forget to pick it back up. Clip your putter into the TEBO Club Caddy while chipping onto the greens, then replace it with your pitching wedge while you putt. The TEBO® Club Caddy has a patented design to fit around your belt for maximum comfort. You can walk, swing, pitch and putt your ball with ease. Now there's no reason to lay your club down instead just clip it, so you won't lose it!Join the NO club left behind movement with the TEBO® Club Caddy!

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